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Choosing From Prom Closet

Who is Prom Closet for?
– open for all graduating students in the mid-Vancouver Island area
How does a student get in contact with Prom Closet Nanaimo?
– a referral from a school counselor, teacher or youth worker is preferred but not necessary
– watch this website for an announcement for our next event
– LIKE our facebook page and watch it for announcements for events
– send an email to make an appointment at the next event
– if there isn’t an event in the near future, send an email to make arrangements for a one-on-one appointment (these are only done in September/October for  Grade 12 sewing students, or in the spring, after our regular event)
What can I expect at the Appointment?
– a Prom Closet volunteer will be there to show you the formal wear and to help you make a selection
– students should bring one adult along with them
– it is recommended that you bring the shoes or strapless bra that you might be wearing with the gown
– allow approximately 1 hour for your appointment
What if I need alterations?
– alterations and tailoring may need to be done by the student, depending on whether we have enough volunteers for this
– every attempt will be made to help the student find affordable options
What happens after Prom?
-students have the option to either keep the gown or suit, or return it to Prom Closet 
– if for any reason the formal wear wasn’t used, please send an email and we will come and get it – no questions